Alana Hagues
E3 2018: First Look at Perfect World's ReEvolve
An ambitious-looking mobile RPG with crafting, exploring, and more.
06.13.18 - 5:30 PM

Perfect World shared footage and gameplay of their upcoming mobile MMORPG, ReEvolve. Ambitious in scope and size, ReEvolve sees players dropped into a huge sandbox world with the ability to build their own adventure — think Dragon Quest Builders without being broken up into chapters, and a whole lot more. Players can build their own base using elements gathered across the world. Elements are collected by interacting with the environment — you can extract water from the rivers just by touching them, or stone from a rock — and these can be crafted into anything.

Elements aren't just limited to crafting though, and in a world as dynamic and open as ReEvolve's, they're vital for survival. The game's map is split into interconnecting islands, and each island has a different climate: one island has a volcano at the centre, and as a result, it is extremely hot; another is blanketed in snow and is very cold. This means the player needs to be ready to adapt to all situations. You can either use the opposite element to heat up or cool down the area briefly, or you can save your elements and cook warming or cooling food to survive the extreme temperatures, just like you would in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Cooking takes on an extra level of importance in the game, as your health declines over time, so make sure you've got a supply of food handy on you at all times.

ReEvolve Screenshot ReEvolve Screenshot

These islands are not just blank slates for you to excavate or populate either. Each one is full of lush scenery and ferocious monsters which you can fight to gain experience, however this isn't used to boost your own level, but instead what you can craft or enhance. Stats are reliant on the level of your equipment, which you can enhance with the elements gathered throughout your adventure. Taking into account that there's a day and night cycle, and that animals will move depending on the time of day, no adventure will feel the same. You also have the chance to run into other players, and can even attack and take over their own bases. You might even steal their furniture or an item to keep as a souvenir.

With a world containing this many possibilities on such a small screen, ReEvolve is an exciting prospect for mobile gamers who love creating, exploring and competing. The game launches Winter 2018 in China, with a staggered release around the world throughout 2019.