Gino DiGioia
E3 2018: The Next Final Fantasy XIV Crossover Event is with Monster Hunter World
I know a lot of people on this site will be happy about that.
06.12.18 - 11:10 AM

Square Enix's conference wrapped up yesterday, and while we didn't get a whole lot of new news, we did get a few neat announcements. For one thing, the next crossover for Final Fantasy XIV will be with Capcom's Monster Hunter World.

Not much info was revealed right now, though by the trailer, it seems we have the famed Monster Hunter Elder Dragon Rathalos making an appearance in FFXIV. A live stream talking about the collaboration will occur June 12th at 11 AM PDT. The update itself will occur later this summer.

Monster Hunter World is currently out on PS4 and XB1 with a PC release slated for this fall. Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is currently out on PS4, XB1, and PC.