Gino DiGioia
Zanki Zero Brings Out the Story and Character Details
Also a Digital Edition, who's excited for that?!
05.31.18 - 10:18 PM

Zanki Zero is getting bigger and better with each new info dump, and this one is no exception; with Character Profiles, new gameplay details, and a digital edition, there's plenty to be excited for. Let's start with those Profiles as we get an in-depth look at Haruto, Rinko, Ryo, and Yuma.

Haruto Higurashi

Zanki Zero Haruto

Editor of Sloth: A 25 year old editor working at the industry-leading publisher, Mashiro Shuppan. After an emotionally charged event pushes him over the edge, he heads to the rooftop of his company. But he then wakes up in a world where humanity had fallen. He is a diligent leader but lacks flexibility. He is the last of the clones to awaken on Gareki Island and his awakening completes the last of humanity's survivors. He likes spicy foods and dislikes sweets.

Ryo Mikajime

Zanki Zero Ryo

Artist of Envy: A 25 year old artist that uses the bondage of people and objects to create his art. Due to the low payment of being an artist, he works as a photographer to get by. He sees bondage as his style of art, and only sees it as sexual "once in a while." He is cheerful and sociable but also cowardly. At first, he has a negative attitude in exploring the dangerous ruins.

Rinko Susukino

Zanki Zero Rinko

Florist of Lust: A 25 year old florist who works in her family's florist shop. She is a kind and hard worker but also a bit of an airhead. When she wakes up on the island, she is unable to grasp her change of atmosphere and panics due to it. She knows flowers and understands them very well, even judging Ryo as a "cactus-like person." She believes that everyone is a part of a television reality show but going into the ruins might change her mind.

Yuma Mashiro

Zanki Zero Yuma

Heiress of Gluttony: A 25 year old heiress to the world-famous enterprise known as the Mashiro Group. An elusive character, she does things at her own pace and doesn't show emotion; due to that, her behavior can be considered otherworldly. She is obsessed with eating and maintaining style. Because of that, she has a habit of eating "air meals" when the topic of food comes up in conversation.

Explore the Ruins to Learn the Past

The main goal of the game is to explore the ruins and gain parts to complete the "Extend Machine." This machine is the reason that the clones can extend their lives past their 13-day expiration but it also holds the key to be able to free them from this cycle. The Clones also need to be able to obtain an amount of Score that is needed to be able to Extend: without it, they are stuck being dead. I knew there was a catch.

Zanki Zero

Each chapter will have a different ruin to explore and a different perspective of a different clone. The first chapter will revolve around Haruto and will delve into his past. Each ruin will connect to a different clone; in Haruto's case, the first ruin is the "Mashiro Garden Tower," the station building that held Haruto's former place of employment.

Zanki Zero

The Extend TV hosts, Sho and Mirai, will appear on certain TVs throughout the ruins. These TVs will show specific episodes of Extend TV where Sho found a VHS showing a "Capture Video." According to Mirai, these videos are "meant to be used to understand the memories associated with the ruins and clear it." The first video is titled, "Laziness #1: The First...," shows Haruto as a new employee at Mashiro Shuppan.

Gimmicks and Monsters, oh my.

As expected with an exploration RPG, there are multiple obstacles awaiting the clones on their journey to uncover the past. First, there is a gate called the "Zanki Hatch" which requires all eight characters to be alive to be able to pass through it. This is a weird addition, as each area has remnants of the former world, but this seems to exist for the existence of the clones. There are also gimmicks like pressure-sensitive switches and small holes that only children can fit through.

Zanki Zero

The clones were temporarily happy when they discovered the figures of humans inside the ruins, as they thought they weren't the only survivors: too bad that they are monsters with the appearance of humans. These "creatures" are described by Mirai as the shadow of what humanity was, some of them could even speak. Their goal isn't just to kill the main characters but also to steal their Cross-Key, though their reasoning for doing so is unclear.

Zanki Zero

I never mentioned what the Cross-Key was, huh? Well, the Cross-Key is a cross-shaped metal part attached to the navel of all eight clones. It preserves the information, experiences, and memories of the clones. Thanks to it, the clones keep their original personalities, no matter how many times they die. When a character dies, their Cross-Key will automatically be collected. Mirai also has a Cross-Key too. It's that cross-shaped object on her left ear.

Zanki Zero

The last thing I want to mention is the Shigabane system. As mentioned before, the Shigabane system is the system where you will get stronger depending on how you die. For example, if you eat a potato and die due to having an allergy, you won't have that allergy in the next life. Shigabane will actually be shown as different passive effect, each having their own conditions and portraits. The potato allergy was one of them. The other one is called, "I Fought a Lot, But Still Died." By dying after attacking enemies more than 100 times, you will gain an attack boost of 10 points on your next Extend.

Digital-Only Extend Edition

Almost done. Last, but not least, we have the limited edition I told you about earlier:

  • A copy of Zanki Zero: Last Beginning

  • Special Soundtrack Extend Ver. A soundtrack including over 50 songs, including the ending song.

  • Eight Swimsuits Costume Set Includes swimsuit costumes for the eight main characters. The swimsuit costumes also appear in 3D model events.

  • Nine Clone Avatars and One Animal Set Avatars of Haruto and the other eight clones, as well as the Extend TV mascot.

The ninth clone that the avatar set is talking about is the other Extend TV host, Sho Terashima. Also, both the swimsuit set and avatar sets will be available to purchase individually once the game is released.

Zanki Zero

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning will release on PS4 and PSVita in Japan on July 5th. A western release has been confirmed for PS4 and PC but no release date has been announced. Check out our gallery for even more new screenshots.