Peter Triezenberg
Retro Encounter 138: Darksiders II
Because I could not stop for Death / He kindly stopped for me
05.31.18 - 12:07 AM

Last time the Retro Encounter crew took a look at the demonic shenanigans of Darksiders, we journeyed as the Horseman War on his journey of vengeance. Now, his brother Death rides forth in a second adventure, trying to clear War's name. Along the way, gallons of demonic blood will be spilt, and innumerable collectibles will be... well, collected. We've reunited our own crew of Horsemen for this podcast on Darksiders II: Keegan Lee, Marcos Gaspar, and Peter Triezenberg get to talking about the game's overworld design, the implementation of Diablo-style loot into a Zelda clone, and make one too many Sonic the Hedgehog references. You have been warned...

Listen to our own horsemen of the apodcastalypse on this special sequel episode!

Featuring: Peter Triezenberg, Marcos Gaspar, Keegan Lee

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