Mike Salbato
Rainbow Skies is Finally Releasing in June
Four years later than planned, but it looks like it's been four years of development well spent.
05.27.18 - 3:38 PM

Hey, remember in summer of 2013 when I said that Rainbow Skies was scheduled to release in 2014?

Actually, I didn't either. It's been so long, I thought I missed the game, and this was the third in the series, because the logo was immediately recognizable as a followup to 2012's Rainbow Moon. But no, it turns out Skies has indeed been in development for over 5 years, and it's finally coming next month. Alongside news of the release date, Marcus Pukropski, CEO of SideQuest Studios had this to say:

"After five years in development, we are pleased to announce that Rainbow Skies, the successor to Rainbow Moon, will launch on the PlayStation Store this June. Featuring a humorous new story with interwoven narratives, monster taming, a revamped battle system allowing greater tactical depth, treasure hunts, new mini-games and an improved sidequest system, Rainbow Skies offers even the most seasoned of RPG players countless hours of fun."

When Rainbow Skies releases next month it's coming to North America on June 26th, and to Europe and Asia on June 27th it will arrive on the PlayStation Store for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita for $29.99, 26.99, 22.49 (this last price is subject to change). Even better? Rainbow Skies supports Cross-Save, but to answer your immediate question: No, not Cross-Buy.

Rainbow Skies Screenshot Rainbow Skies Screenshot
Rainbow Skies Screenshot Rainbow Skies Screenshot
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Furthermore, by partnering with Play-Asia, there will be physical standard and limited editions for the PS4 and Vita. The limited editions come with a bevy of bonuses: A printed map of the game world, a Book of Knowledge featuring character profiles and more, the game's soundtrack, and a numbered certificate. It's surprisingly spiffy for a release from a smaller developer:

Rainbow Skies Limited Edition

Pretty nice! Now, I will leave you with two things: A link to our Rainbow Moon review, which Zidane and Shulk enthusiast Stephen Meyerink described as "Rainbow Moon is a game that I couldn't help but come away from with pleasant feelings." Second, this trailer for Rainbow Skies: