Gino DiGioia
Super Neptunia RPG Shows Off New Characters
The three Musketeers of Bombyx Mori. Now I want candy.
05.26.18 - 10:02 PM

Super Neptunia RPG, the Brave New World of Neptunia games, has just obtained new screenshots and profiles of three new characters via its official Japanese website. These are the three musketeers of Bombyx Mori (Silkworm), the antagonists of the game. Let's check them out.

Kukei Tobihachi

Super Neptunia Kukei

One of the Three Musketeers of Bombyx Mori. As a character, she has strong conviction and a passion for game music. She leads the Three Musketeers and helps bring Bombyx Mori together.

Mai Kamimura

Super Neptunia Mai

Another of the Three Musketeers of Bombyx Mori and the manager of the devastating Trial Grounds. Due to the ferocity and irrationality of her trials, she is feared as the "Mad King." She starts to cling to Neptune and plans to teach her a lesson.

Surara Izuda

Super Neptunia Surara

The last of the Three Musketeers, she is a dangerous girl who loves to tinker and experiment with machines. Her bright demeanor disguises the fearlessness that she has, even to call "Mad King" Mai Kamimura, "MaiMai." With her partner Caramel Man, she stands before Neptune and friends.

Super Neptunia RPG is slated to release for PS4 in Japan on September 27th. A western release for PS4 and Switch is slated for this Fall. Check out our gallery while you wait.