Gino DiGioia
Trails of Cold Steel 4 Gets Collectors Edition and Even More Profiles
Also, Cold Steel localizationů in China and Korea.
05.26.18 - 9:49 PM

It's a new week, which means new info on The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV. Today, not only do we have the usual character profiles, we also have info on the game's collectors edition and release date, as well as some other news. So, before we get to the spoilers, let's start with that housekeeping.

Finally, Cold Steel localization! But, not where you think.

I know. I could troll you guys to no end, but I'm not that mean. Falcom has announced that Sony will be localizing the PS4 versions of Cold Steel 1 through 4 to China and South Korea. Falcom will be supervising the localization into Traditional Chinese and Hangul. Cold Steel I and II are announced to release on August 17th in China and South Korea. The other two don't have a solid release date yet.


The Eternal Preservation Edition

Yeah, that name doesn't raise any eyebrows. The Eternal Preservation edition is an exclusive special edition for Cold Steel IV that will be priced for 11,800 yen (about $108 USD). Here's what it includes:

  • A physical copy of Sen no Kiseki IV for PS4.

  • Three exclusive books detailing the main scenario scenes and extra developments for the first three Cold Steel games, completely untouched from the original drafts. Collective page count is about 700.

  • An original Illustration Letter called, "To Millium" from Altina. It's a message card sent to Millium by Altina made into a physical card. It also includes a download code to get Altina's Cold Steel II look as a costume for her.

Man, I hope that collector's edition comes in English. I will pre-order the heck out of it. I thought I should also mention that in the latest poll done by Dengeki Playstation, Cold Steel IV is the most anticipated PlayStation 4 game to come out this year. Cool, huh?


Ok, let's get to the profiles. Today, we are looking at the main characters of the Crossbell Arc, the Special Support Section. After much deliberation, I decided to give Zero and Ao the same treatment as Cold Steel III when it comes to spoilers. There will be some but nothing major. So, today's spoiler warning is for Cold Steel III, Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki.

Lloyd Bannings

CSIV Lloyd

Lloyd, my man. How ya doin? Lloyd is a detective in employment with the Crossbell Police Department's Special Support Section and the protagonist of the Crossbell duology. As a member of the SSS, he led the charge in cases that resulted in clashes with Ouroboros and the Erebonian Empire. In CSIII, he was working against the occupation of Crossbell and was imprisoned because of it. In CSIV, he escaped and continues to fight for an independent Crossbell.

Elie MacDowell


Elie is the granddaughter of former Crossbell mayor, Henry MacDowell and the advisor to the leader of the SSS. As a member of the SSS, she used her vast knowledge of culture and politics to help solve the cases that the SSS took on. In CSIII, she tried to use her political sense to free Crossbell in a more civil way, even contacting Alisa to do so. With the Empire now in disarray, her and Lloyd appear to help appease the disaster and steadily make their way towards a free and independent Crossbell.

(Level 2 spoilers. That means be even more careful ahead. Level 3 will probably be used for someone like Azure Siegfried or something...)

KeA Bannings


Why would such an adorable girl warrant a level 2 spoiler? Well, KeA is a young girl taken into care by the SSS in the events of Zero. For the most part, she lived a normal life as a member of the SSS, until Ao where she discovered her past. Let's just say she had mysterious powers, those powers are now gone, and she is a normal girl. Despite that, the Erebonian government is still keeping an eye on her. Also, let's also say she has something in common with both Millium and Altina.

Time for the keywords, or keyword in this case.

Crossbell Police Department Special Support Section


This fun and interesting section was created by the CPD in order to regain popularity among the citizens after the Bracer Guild, well, existed. People ridiculed it as a imitation of the Bracers but after completing several difficult cases, it became much more respected. In CSIII, the SSS was dissolved under the orders of Governor-General, Rufus Albarea who initiated certain measures to keep them from gathering. It was originally founded by Guy Bannings and Sergei Lou, Sergei acting as the section's chief. It's members included Lloyd Bannings, Elie MacDowell, Tio Plato, Randy Orlando as it's founding members. With Noel Seeker, Wazy Hemisphere, Zeit, and Rixia Mao as reserve members.

CSIV Battle

Speaking of other SSS members, Tio and Randy were also featured in the recent issue of Dengeki Playstation, with Randy being confirmed as a playable character. We will probably get profiles for them next week. New profiles are being released every Thursday after all. It's usually a nice thing to wake up to.

The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki (Trails of Cold Steel) VI ~The End of Saga~ will release on PS4 on September 27th in Japan. Trails of Cold Steel I and II will release in China and South Korea on PS4 on August 17th. There is currently no word of a western release for CSIII or IV, but both have been confirmed for release in China and South Korea. Check our gallery for new screenshots while you wait.