Gino DiGioia
Trails of Cold Steel IV gets Even More Screenshots and Profiles
Fie and Zephyr. What else can I say?
05.19.18 - 10:34 PM

Well, well, well. More screenshots from Falcom for Cold Steel IV. It's like its a weekly thing. Well, the usual spoiler warnings apply. Just a reminder that the profiles here have been trimmed from the official sources to hide major spoilers from Cold Steel III. But there are cases, like with the Reinfords, where spoilers can't be avoided just because of the character's existence. This is one of those cases.

Fie Claussell:


Fie is a former member of class VII and a former jaeger from the Jaeger corp, Zephyr. After the events of CSII, she became a bracer under Sara's tutorage and assists her in bringing back the bracer guild in the empire. At the end of CSII, she learned a mysterious truth about her former jaeger family and the fate of her adopted father. With a new tragedy lurking at the end of CSIII, the full truth still needs to be revealed.



A former member of the Zephyr jaeger corp, known as the Trap Master. He served as a regional commander while part of the corp. In CSII, he worked with the Noble Alliance as part of Duke Cayenne's personal guard. He, alongside with Leonidas, faced Fie and the rest of Class VII in the infernal castle, and in his defeat, he revealed he was searching for their fallen leader. The surprising truth has led Fie to search for the rest of her jaeger family but to no avail.


CSIV Leonidas

A former member of the Zephyr jaeger corp, known as the Behemoth. Similar to Xeno, he served as a regional commander and worked with the Noble Alliance. He disappeared with Xeno at the end of the civil war in CSII, leaving a mysterious truth about their leader. Despite the mysterious circumstances, him and Xeno still sees Fie as a daughter, oozing with love at the knowledge that she became a bracer.

(Hello, there. We are talking about Rutger next. So, level two spoiler warning.)

Rutger Claussell

CSIV Rutger

Fie's adoptive father and the leader of Zephyr, the proclaimed strongest jaeger corp on the continent. Several years ago, he fought the leader of a rival jaeger corp and died at the end of it. Despite having Fie and Sara as witnesses, he was said to be alive at the end of CSII. He now appears before Class VII with Xeno and Leonidas, looking good as new. How is he alive and what are his goals? Well, I know, but there is no way I'm telling you guys.

For once, there aren't any keywords. So, The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki (Trails of Cold Steel) IV ~The End of Saga~ will release in Japan this Fall for PS4. No word yet on a western release on it or it's prequel. Check our gallery for new screenshots while you wait.