Gino DiGioia
Final Fantasy VI's Locke Cole joins Dissidia Final Fantasy NT
Wasn't he a thi… treasure hunter?
05.15.18 - 10:26 PM

Fabled Treasure Hunter Locke Cole from the highly-accredited Final Fantasy VI will be joining the esteemed roster of Final Fantasy characters present in Dissidia NT. Using his twin daggers and speedy stealth abilities, he will mug enemies and snatch spoils that he can use to employ powerful attacks. Locke, are you sure you aren't a thie…? -smack-

Ow... Check out the trailer below.

Ok, he's tied up now. FFVI's thief/treasure hunter will appear on Arcade systems in Japan on May 17th and the console version in June. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is currently out on PS4. Check out our review and gallery for new screenshots.