Gino DiGioia
Kingdom Hearts III is Getting a Special Premiere Event
Invitation only. No golden ticket, no entry. Wait, that's not Disney...
05.15.18 - 4:21 PM

Kingdom Hearts III is a game that is on the forefront of many gamers' minds due to the insane excitement that people get from playing Kingdom Hearts games. With E3 approaching, we are slowly waiting for the mysterious release date that Nomura will not give us until his dying day next month's event. But we may not have to wait so long as KHIII is getting a special Invitation premiere event this week.

Kingdom Hearts III Goofy's battle stance

As you can see, Goofy is getting ready to hyuck it up. Unfortunately, RPGFan is not attending the event, but the embargo lifts at 6:00am PDT on May 18th. So don't worry, RPGFan's self-proclaimed and the world's actual biggest Kingdom Hearts fan will be here to make sure that all new info will be here when it comes out.

[Editor's Note: Are you sure you should commit Peter to writing a story on Friday morning?]

If I am the biggest KH fan, why am I not going to the event? ...I have work.

Kingdom Hearts III will release worldwide on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2018. Stay tuned to RPGFan for info from the event when it comes out on Friday. Until then, check out our Kingdom Hearts III gallery.