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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV Gets Even More New Screenshots
Laura, Jusis, Gaius, Rufus, and the Septian Church… Have fun.
05.11.18 - 4:19 PM

Falcom has released even more screenshots and profiles for characters in their massive RPG The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV. As always, spoilers within: not as many as the Reinford piece, but still, the usual stuff. You've been warned!

Laura S. Arseid

CSIV Laura

A member of the former Class VII and the daughter of Viscount Victor S. Arseid, a legendary swordmaster named the Radiant Blademaster. After CSII, she spent a year and a half training with her father and mastered the secret traditions of the Arseid style, so much so that she became an assistant instructor. By CSIV, a tragedy has occurred that separated her from her father and now must learn to adapt and even make alliances with interesting people.

Jusis Albarea

CSIV Jusis

The second son of the Albarea Dukedom and the acting lord of the Kreuzen Providence. After his father was arrested and brother became the governor of Crossbell, Jusis spent his time trying to reform the nobility in his own way. However, with the new disaster in the Imperial Capital, truths about his family and his brother will start to arise.

Gaius Worzel

CSIV Gaius

Hi, Gaius. Man, I wish I could mention what he's been up to. Gaius is the son of the Nord nomads and a former member of Class VII. During the events of CSIII, he spent most of the time missing, worrying his former classmates. He came back with a new power but even with it, he couldn't stop the tragedy that occurred in his second homeland.

Thomas Lysander

CSIV Thomas

An FYI with these profiles: I'm writing them based on the fact that CSI and II were released in the west, and all knowledge that was revealed in those games is being used here. With that in mind, Lysander is a former teacher at Thors Military Academy and the Second Dominion of the Gralsritter, also known as the Partitioner. (Yes, that was in CSII.) His mission was to recover and analyze the Black Records and contact the Hexen Clan to learn the history of Erebonia. Despite his efforts, the disaster he worked to prevent occurred and must now help in the aftermath.

Rufus Albarea

CSIV Rufus

Hi, Rufus. The first son of the Albarea Dukedom and the leader of the Ironbloods, also known as the Jade Rook, Rufus is a key player in Osborne's schemes to become something. I know, CSIII spoilers, but we still don't know Osborne's end game. Anyways, as the governor-general of Crossbell State, he showed immense talent as a leader, including using the regulation of information to suppress the feelings of rebellion. When disaster strikes, Rufus stands before both Class VIIs and reveals a truth regarding himself and his family.

As usual, we got keywords too:

Septian Church: A massive growing faith within Zemuria that worships the goddess Aidios. Their popularity was great due to their acceptance of other religions and the part they took in guiding people out of disaster 700 years before the start of the series. Their influence has declined due to the increase of technology but they are still useful in fields such as education and medical care.

CSIV Septian Church

Gralsritter: The private knights of the Septian Church, they are tasked with the recovery of Artifacts and all cases related to them. Since they play their roles behind the scenes, they aren't known by many people, though hints about them exist in the book, "Carnelia." They are led by the 12 Dominions, priests and priestesses who possess powerful Stigma that can give them immense power. As of now, the only known Dominions are Kevin Graham, Thomas Lysander, and their leader, Ein Selnate, who is also said to be the only person who can face the Steel Maiden 1v1. I also heard that they got a new member recently.

Black Records: A rare artifact that can predict the past and future of the Erebonian Empire. It predicted the Orbal Shutdown in Liberl and the Salt Pale that appeared in North Ambria. They are currently being hunted by the Gralsritter. The original Black Records though are being kept by the Royal Family and can only be seen by those who are about to inherit the throne.


The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki (Trails of Cold Steel) IV ~The End of Saga~ will release in Japan this Fall for PS4. No word yet on a western release on it or its prequel, but we'll keep you posted. Check our gallery for new screenshots while you wait.