Gino DiGioia
Brave Neptunia Gets a Nice Website and Story Details
There is a limited edition, too: aren't you excited?
05.06.18 - 6:00 PM

Last time we wrote about Brave Neptunia, there were some vague details regarding the story and characters. Well, Compile Heart has now released their website for Brave Neptunia and with it, we got some new story details.


Brave Neptunia

Neptune and her friends find themselves in a Gamindustri built upon 2D Games. This separate dimension is ruled by an organization called "Silkworm," who forces people to make 2D games and if they make a bad game, they are forced to go to trial ground that could destroy their spirit. Neptune and her friends awaken with no memories, except their names. Neptune now sees herself as a hero and goes on a journey with her friends and Historie as a book.

The story is one thing, but now let's look at the characters:


BN Neptune

You know her. I know her. She is the main protagonist of the Neptunia series, her name is even in the title. As with the first game, her memories are gone but with her high energy and ego, she sees herself as a hero and sets off on a journey.


BN Noire

More tsun than dere, Noire is back. Losing her memories too, she searches for a way to get them back. In the game, she lives with Blanc, trying to survive off the rewards from the nearby guild. The lack of clues to her memories causes her to become irritated, which isn't really new.


BN Blanc

More Yan then dere, Blanc is back. Wait, is she a Yandere? I don't remember. Anyways, like the others, she has lost her memories. She lives with Noire and spends her time reading books (which she does more than looking for her memories).


BN Vert

Vert's here and she is definitely not spending the entire game playing video games. Let's see here, she woke up with an innkeeper watching over her. She lost her memories too. Good, good. And in exchange for dropping off supplies, she gets to continue living a life of playing games forever and she is very happy with this life... of course she is.


BN Historie

A thick book that ends up with Neptune. It is pretty hard to read and does seem to have emotions. Like, for some reason, it gets angry whenever Neptune speaks.

With the above details, details for the limited Hero Edition was also included. This version includes:

  • A copy of the game

  • Tsunako-illustrated special-make box A beautiful box featuring an illustration by Neptunia series character designer Tsunako.

  • Visual art book A gorgeous visual book featuring character introductions, Brave Neptunia dungeon and monster designs, and more.

  • Brave Neptunia soundtrack Includes all of the background music featured in the game, including battle and event songs.

  • Pre-order bonus product code A product code to download an original PlayStation 4 dynamic theme.

The pre-order bonus theme will be available to anyone who pre-orders the game. Finally, a few new screenshots came out recently, including one that shows off the battle system.

BN Battle

Brave Neptunia: World! Universe! Pay Attention!! Ultimate RPG Declaration!! (yes, that's the full title) will release on September 27th on PS4 in Japan. No word yet on a western release. Check out the other screenshots in the gallery.