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Trails of Cold Steel IV gets New Screenshots Showing Off the Reinfords
Well, and other characters that are here… Spoilers, people.
05.02.18 - 10:28 PM

Falcom has released more screenshots and profiles regarding Alisa Reinford, her mother Irina, maid Sharon, and the mysterious Black Alberich. Just a reminder that spoilers are ever-present in these profiles. And the line between news and pure spoilers is starting to blur, so don't say we didn't warn you.

Alisa Reinford

CSIV Alisa

Alisa is a former member of Class VII and considered to be the main heroine of the Cold Steel saga. She is the daughter of Irina Reinford, the president of the Empire's largest heavy industry, the Reinford Group. After the events of CSII, she went to work for the Reinford Group as a senior manager, working hard on daily tasks. In CSIII, she learned a shocking truth about her family, one that will influence her actions in the future.

Irina Reinford

CSIV Irina

Irina is the current chairman of the Reinford Group and Alisa's mother. For a good portion of the CS saga, Irina and her daughter had a lot of strain due to a conflict within the family, starting with Alisa's father (and Irina's husband) Franz's death. In CSIII, the two of them have reconciled and are working together to propel the Reinford Group to new heights. However, conflicts and secrets never lay down for long within the Reinford Group.

Warning: major spoilers from here forward, trimmed down but not cut completely.

Sharon Kruger

CSIV Sharon

Yeah, this happened. Sharon is the former maid of the Reinford Group, under employment of Irina and Alisa. Her true identity is that of Ouroboros Enforcer IX, the "Severing Chains." Thanks to the freedom given to Ouroboros Enforcers, she joined Rean and Alisa against Ouroboros in CSII. In CSIII and IV, she has rejoined Ouroboros due to "her contract being complete."

Black Alberich

CSIV Black Alberich

Yeah, this is the guy I was warning you about. Black Alberich is the leader of the Gnomes and the current proprietor of the Black Workshop that created Millium and Altina. He appeared suddenly in CSIII, swearing allegiance with Chancellor Osborne, helping him complete his plans. His motives and true identity is a mystery.

Here are some Keywords too.

Gnomes: Descendants of a clan that inherited a Sept-Terrion from the goddess Aidios and who possess technological ability that far surpasses Zemurian culture. According to legend, they were the ones who crafted the divine knights and the trials that lay in the Old Schoolhouse. Their current leader is the Black Alberich and their current identity is that of the Black Workshop, currently under Osborne's control.

Black Workshop: A mysterious group of artisans who worked in affairs all over the continent of Zemuria. Their true identity is that of the Gnomes. They joined Ouroboros's Thirteen Factories to gain the know-how to craft the latest weapons and learn how to develop homunculi. They are currently under Osborne's control.

CSIV Gnomes

The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki (Trails of Cold Steel) IV ~The End of Saga~ will release in Japan this Fall for PS4. No word yet on a western release on it or its prequel, but we'll keep you posted. Check our gallery for new screenshots while you wait.