Peter Triezenberg
Hajime Tabata's Next Project Will "Start Gearing Up" in 2018
Is it Type-1? Please be Type-1. I need more Final Fantasy Hogwarts.
11.25.17 - 9:47 PM

Final Fantasy XV's director Hajime Tabata has been busy working on downloadable content for XV, and in a recent interview with Dengeki PlayStation, the developer shared some insight into what fans can look forward to in future updates.

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"We’re planning something many fans have requested, and something you really wouldn’t be able to guess," Tabata teased. According to Tabata, his team is "solidifying" each piece of downloadable content, as well as reconstructing their development system. "Rather than develop in a rush to put out several things in the year like we did this year, I think it is better for us to narrow down the content and develop more thoroughly than we have before.”

When it comes to Tabata's mysterious future project, he was a little more coy, but did say that it would "shift into gear starting next year." While Tabata's focus will remain with Final Fantasy XV for the foreseeable future, I for one and really curious as to what he tackles next. Will it be a sequel or follow-up to Type-0? A Crisis Core remake (I wish)? An Ignis-themed cooking sim? Don't leave me hanging, Square Enix!

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Stay tuned to RPGFan as we learn more about Hajime Tabata's mystery project, and for more info on Final Fantasy XV's DLC.