Alana Hagues
"You don't need a reason to help people!" ~ Finding Your Purpose in Final Fantasy IX
More Final Fantasy IX? Don't mind if I do.
11.21.17 - 12:43 PM

We've already celebrated Final Fantasy IX with its very own podcast, but even that didn't give me enough time to fully talk about one of my favourite games of all time. Final Fantasy IX has become one of the most popular entries in the series, and has aged like a fine wine. More and more fans flock back to play it and experience Zidane's adventure, for all its cheer and glory. But for me, Final Fantasy IX is a lot more than cute graphics and fun gameplay. It's a hard-hitting entry with some serious life lessons to boot.

As the first of our many individual features, I've looked back at what Final Fantasy IX taught me as a kid. It's a game that's stuck by me for years, and helped me grow as a person as a gamer.

If that's not enough Final Fantasy for you, keep checking back on the front page over the next few months as we inundate you with updates. We're going to celebrate the series' 30th anniversary in style.