Alana Hagues
Retro Encounter 93: GameCube Encounter
Nintendo's classic, but often overlooked, console gets some love!
07.28.17 - 1:18 AM

After talking about the SNES and the Dreamcast before it, we couldn't leave you hanging without another console retrospective, so the Retro Crew have gathered together to discuss a often underloved RPG console — the GameCube! Released back in 2001, while it doesn't have a huge selection of RPGs, the ones that it does have are special, such as some pre-Xenoblade Monolith, some paper-thin Italians, and of course some Zelda. I hope you can hear that little jingle when you boot up your GameCube.

Join Retro Encounter as we grab our mini discs, Wavebirds, and get squared!

Featuring: Alana Hagues, Stephanie Sybydlo and Keegan Lee

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