Peter Triezenberg
Story and Pre-Production Nearly Complete for Terra Battle on Console
In the immortal words of Joe, patience!
07.05.17 - 11:13 PM

At Anime Expo 2017, Hironobu Sakaguchi took a moment to talk to attendees about his work on the upcoming Terra Battle 2 and the Terra Battle franchise. Specifically, Sakaguchi talked about the impending console port of Terra Battle, for which pre-production and story development are "nearly complete."

terra battle console port hironobu sakaguchi mistwalker

Sakaguchi hopes that, when playing Terra Battle 2, players will be able to see some kind of link between it and the future console release of the original game, saying that there are a lot of "similarities" with console gaming in the title. The process of making a console title is very resource-intensive and will take time, but rest assured that we here at RPGFan will keep you posted as we learn more.

terra battle 2 hironobu sakaguchi mistwalker

Terra Battle 2 is set for release on mobile devices this summer, while the console port of Terra Battle and another title, Terra Wars, are also in development.