Michael Sollosi
E3 2017: Spiders' Action RPG Greedfall Coming in 2018
Explore a new world that fights back.
06.21.17 - 10:16 PM

French game developer Spiders showed a teaser for their upcoming RPG Greedfall at E3 last week, lacking a demo or gameplay trailer but describing the scope of the game in detail to RPGFan staff. In Greedfall, players control a colonial governor's agent exploring a mysterious island (players can choose the protagonist's sex and appearance). The player will ally with different factions within the island's settlements and battle hostile native tribesmen over the course of their adventure in order to achieve their ends. And those ends can be achieved in a number of ways; the developers insisted that Greedfall's multiple endings will reflect the player's actions, rather than fall into the simple binary of good and evil.

Greedfall launches worldwide for PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2018.