Peter Triezenberg
Dissidia Final Fantasy's Console Version Will Have Story Mode, Other Enhancements
So, this is still a thing after all.
02.07.17 - 2:46 AM

In an interview with Weekly Famitsu, the producer and director of Dissidia Final Fantasy for arcade, Ichirou Hazama and Takeo Kujiraoka, provided an update on the game's long-promised console version. Additionally, they shed light on Dissidia's absence from the recent Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary event.

"We are currently unable to ready anything that has enough value to meet everyone's expectations," Hazama said. "Many users are expecting a story for the console version, which we are of course preparing. However, the focus of the game is battles and that has not changed. We will further enhance other elements as well, which will take a little bit more time."

dissidia final fantasy console version

The development team isn't satisfied with merely porting the base arcade version, and Kujiraoka specifically mentioned e-Sports when talking about the potential of Dissidia on console. "If we can export it to the world as a high-proficiency, competitive fighting tool... then next will be a global tournament, right? I can't say too much, but I want to use these sorts of ambitions to make Dissidia Final Fantasy an even better game." Hazama pointed out that the future of the console version won't lead to disappointment for fans of the arcade version, which still sees frequent updates in Japan and will still receive the proper amount of tender love and care from the team.

dissidia final fantasy arcade

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