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Yoshinori Kitase Gives Status Update on Final Fantasy VII Remake
We may see more of it yet.
02.02.17 - 6:46 PM

After revealing a new piece of key art for Final Fantasy VII Remake during their Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Opening Ceremony, Square Enix provided some additional information on the progress of the game's development via producer Yoshinori Kitase.

final fantasy vii remake key art

According to Kitase, the team is currently "brushing up" the opening scenes that we've seen in trailers. "We can now see the line of quality that we're aiming for more clearly, but there's still a ways to go," he says, noting that the team hopes to carry the same level of quality throughout Final Fantasy VII Remake's episodic release. Due to the game's episodic nature, the development team is looking for ways to fill in potential gaps in between releases, as they likely won't be able to release them within just a few months of each other. As for downloadable content, Kitase cited Final Fantasy XV as a reference point, using livestreams and other forms of communication in order to speak directly to fans. Supplementary content isn't something that has been figured out yet, however, as the development is focused on reaching the end of Final Fantasy VII's main scenario over the course of the episodes.

final fantasy vii remake combat

In regards to the game's battle system, both Tetsuya Nomura and Mitsunori Takahashi (whose credits include Kingdom Hearts II and Dissidia Final Fantasy) are working on it, and have solidified the basic system. Kitase wasn't able to provide much information on the subject, but he did say that key elements from the original Final Fantasy VII, such as the Materia system, would not be removed. Kitase hopes that they will be able to show their progress on Final Fantasy VII Remake later in the year, perhaps with a trailer or even playable demo for an event.

Last, but not least, in regards to the possibility of a Final Fantasy VI remake, Kitase said that there were members of the staff who wanted to do it, but their focus is currently on VII.

final fantasy vii remake

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