Peter Triezenberg
Final Fantasy XV's Gladiolus and Prompto DLC Episodes Get Release Dates
And you can dress up like a Power Ranger!
01.31.17 - 2:04 PM

During the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary opening ceremony, Square Enix provided a release date for three upcoming DLC add-ons for Final Fantasy XV. The first of these, the "Booster Pack" and "Booster Pack +," includes a set of powerful items that enhance the player's combat abilities, as well as make them invincible for 30 minutes and improve Noctis' fishing (although they cannot be used again for another 24 hours). It will be available on February 21st.

final fantasy xv booster pack dlc kamen rider power rangers

Secondly, Episode: Gladiolus will be available on March 28th, and features a playable Gladiolus as he teams up with Cor and encounters Gilgamesh. Gladiolus will control in a unique manner from Noctis, in a more action-esque manner. Last, but not least, Episode: Prompto was given a release window of June, with no additional information.

final fantasy xv episode gladiolus cor

We'll keep you posted with more information on Final Fantasy XV's DLC offerings. You can find some new screenshots featuring everyone's favorite Cup Noodle enthusiast in our gallery.