Michael Sollosi
RPGFan Games of the Year 2016: Retro Encounter Year in Review
We'll talk a cup o' kindness yet.
01.04.17 - 12:20 PM

Four Retro Encounter panelists discuss their favorite video games and Retro Encounter episodes of 2016. Overwatch, Final Fantasy VI, To The Moon, and The Episode That Shall Not Be Named all receive mention in our 64th episode.

Join us as we look back at 2016 and ahead to 2017!

Retro Encounter Bonus Round: 2016 in Review

Jolly Josh and the gang ring in the new calendar with a look back at the year in video games. The four panelists break down their favorite 2016 game releases and much more in the inaugural episode of 2017.

Featuring: Josh Curry, Chris Gebauer, Mike Sollosi, Peter Triezenberg

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