Peter Triezenberg
Learn More About Dragon Quest XI's Characters and World
It's gonna be a beauty, this one.
12.27.16 - 10:48 PM

Square Enix has released new information, as well as a bevy of new screenshots for both 3DS and PS4, concerning the story, characters, and world of Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time. As previously reported, the latest numbered entry in the Dragon Quest franchise takes place in a world known as Lotozetasia, which contains the Great Tree of Life and the protagonist's hometown. The hero, who bears a mysterious birthmark on his hand, is able to commune with the Great Tree and has a strong connection to it. His home, Ishi Villiage, has a long-standing coming-of-age tradition whereby one must climb "God's Rock" where the spirits of the earth dwell, and pray to them.

dragon quest xi ps4 great treedragon quest xi ps4 birthmark

dragon quest xi 3ds great treedragon quest xi 3ds birthmark

Two other characters have been revealed so far. One, the blue-haired thief Camus, has already been introduced as being a sort of "guide" for the protagonist, who is a novice in the ways of the world. Camus comes across as brash, but has a "strong sense of duty and a warm heart". The other character is Emma, the protagonist's childhood friend who turns 16 at the same time as the hero, and they climb God's Rock together. Square Enix will reveal more characters in future updates.

dragon quest xi camus ps4

dragon quest xi emma ps4

Both the PS4 and 3DS versions of Dragon Quest XI sport unique visual styles. The PS4 offers a beautifully rendered, high-fidelity world, whereas the 3DS version is more reminiscent of recent 3DS Dragon Quest titles but also features a retro 2D style that is wonderfully nostalgic. 3DS players can choose between 3D models or pixel art in battle, while the PS4 version brings Akira Toriyama's classic designs to new heights. Whether you prefer the classic or the reinvented, it is clear that Dragon Quest XI will have something to offer everybody.

dragon quest xi ps4 battle

dragon quest xi 3ds battle dragon quest xi 3ds 2d pixel art battle

We'll keep you posted as we learn more about Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time. Until then, please check out the latest screenshots from both versions in the game in our galleries, linked below.