Peter Triezenberg
Valkyria Revolution Gets Japanese Prologue Demo, New "Vanargand" Trailer
Japanese players can give the Revolution another chance.
12.19.16 - 9:34 AM

Beginning on December 22nd, a new "Prologue Demo" for Valkyria Revolution will be released for PlayStation 4 in Japan. This demo enables players to play through the game's prologue in its entirety, which will introduce them to key characters such as the Circle of Five as well as explain how the war between the Jutland Kingdom and Rus Empire began. Save data can be carried over to the full game and features cross-save with the Vita. If you finish the demo, you'll nab the "Rush Blaze+" magic art, which allows you to repeatedly attack an enemy with fire.

valkyria azure revolution richer

Sega also released a new trailer focused on the "Vanargand" and introduced a couple of new characters, pictures above. First up is Richer Laudrup, the storyteller of Valkyria Revolution who is a professor at the Magic Arts School the protagonists attended and aims to tell the true story of the war. Secondly is Maria, or "Maria-senpai", a mother figure to the heroes. Watch the video below.

Valkyria Revolution will be released for PS4 and Vita on January 19th in Japan. It was also announced for a Western release on PS4, XB1, and Vita in 2017.