Stephanie Sybydlo
First Story DLC for Final Fantasy XV Will Feature Classic Villain
Prepare for spoilers.
12.15.16 - 2:31 AM

Square Enix has promised a veritable cavalcade of new content for Final Fantasy XV, including various free updates intended to enhance the overall experience as well as flesh out gaps in the game's story. However, this isn't about that: this is about those character-centric DLC episodes that will be available next year. Square has released some new information about the first of these episodes, focused on Gladiolus, which is set to feature a classic Final Fantasy villain. Be forewarned, there will be minor spoilers below.

final fantasy xv episode gladiolus dlc

It would seem that a special book handed out to streamers and fans contains some insight into the upcoming DLC from producer Haruyoshi Sawatari. Players who've played up to a certain point of Final Fantasy XV will remember a point where Gladiolus up and leaves the party with nary a word, and returns with a new scar: it seems like an obvious place for his downloadable content, and according to Sawatari, Gladiolus encounters Gilgamesh while he's away from the party. It also sounds as though the DLC will add new, previously inaccessible areas to the game's world map. Gladio's DLC Episode will adhere more closely to "action game aesthetics," lending credence to the idea that each character will play differently than Noctis. This content, according to Sawatari, is intended to "bring the player closer" to the game's world and that it will "truly blow your mind."

final fantasy xv episode gladiolus dlc

Other Episodes focused on Prompto and Ignis are also in the works, as well as a planned multiplayer component. Stay tuned to RPGFan as we learn more about Final Fantasy XV's DLC, and if you're curious as to what we thought of the game, Nick Ransbottom has got you covered with his review.