Peter Triezenberg
Square Enix Outlines New Free Updates for Final Fantasy XV
Including new cutscenes and content.
12.08.16 - 4:32 AM

Square Enix has been up front about their intention to support Final Fantasy XV beyond its initial release, with plans for downloadable content already having been announced. Recently, the company has reaffirmed their intentions and revealed that there will be a number of free updates to the game released in the near future. Some of these updates have to do with the later portions of the game, so consider this a general spoiler warning.

final fantasy xv update dlc

First and foremost, Square will be releasing updates to the somewhat infamous Chapter 13, including gameplay enhancements and buffs for Ring Magic. New fully voiced cutscenes are being worked on as well, providing insight into the motivations of characters such as Ravus. Due to the nature of the localization process, these new scenes will require additional time.

Other tweaks and balances that are being considered are readability options for those struggling with smaller font sizes, new playable characters, and even potentially the ability to create your own custom avatar. New bosses complete with achievements and rewards, and limited time hunts, are also in the making. This is all on top of the paid DLC that is being planned throughout the coming year, which included playable episodes focused on Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus, as well as a competitive multiplayer mode.

final fantasy xv ravus new cutscenes

While the idea of retroactive story content has left some with mixed feelings, it's good to know that Square Enix plans to continue to support Final Fantasy XV. To hear what we thought about the game in its current state, you can read Nick Ransbottom's review, in which we gave Final Fantasy XV an Editor's Choice. And, as always, be sure to stay tuned to RPGFan for more information.