John Alas
New Puyo Puyo Chronicle Trailer Released
08.31.16 - 1:44 AM

Last week, Sega released another Puyo Puyo Chronicle gameplay trailer at it's latest streaming event. The trailer is nearly seven minutes in length, showcasing main protagonist Arle exploring the mysterious world and battling opponents. Speaking of battling opponents, you get to see how battles are done in the clip. Matching Puyo (colored blocks) is the main method of inflicting damage, while enemies counterattack by sending Nuisance Puyo into your grid. See it below.

The colorful action-puzzle RPG is shaping up to be a unique and fun addition to the long-running Puyo Puyo series. For more on Puyo Puyo Chronicle, check out our article on the game's reveal here.

Puyo Puyo Chronicle will be released on 3DS in Japan on December 8th. There hasn't been any info on an international release, but hopefully Sega will decide to localize it at some point. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more updates.