Peter Triezenberg
Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade Adds New Mode, Ace from Type-0
Ace is about to Synchro Summon all over some fools. Get it? Because he fights with cards...
08.30.16 - 3:44 AM

Dissidia Final Fantasy for arcades is getting a new playable character — Ace, one of the main characters from Final Fantasy Type-0, here displayed in all of his card-slinging glory. Additionally, the game will be receiving a new update in September called Battle of the Gods, in which players will choose to stand for either of the gods Spiritus and Materia to win over the world. All players will participate in the event, regardless of whether they're playing matches or national battles, with the winner determined after a period of two weeks on a monthly basis.

But wait, there's more! Square Enix also announced a new mobile title called Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia, which features characters from throughout Dissidia and utilizes a classic command-based battle system. Check out the trailer below: pre-registration is available at the game's website.