Jesse Woo
Square Enix Updates on World of Final Fantasy Characters
08.26.16 - 1:06 AM

Square Enix has updated the official website for World of Final Fantasy with character profiles of one new character and a couple familiar faces.

The new character is named Queen Acho, and though details are still scarce she is a listed as a "Key Character."

world of final fantasy queen acho

The returning characters are Terra Branford and Bartz Klauser, the main characters from Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy V. As in her original game, Terra is a quiet young woman but incredibly powerful and can summon the esper Maduin. On the other hand, Bartz is a carefree young man accompanied by his chocobo sidekick Boko.

world of final fantasy tera world of final fantasy bartz

You can see the rest of the screenshots, including the summon Bahamut, in our updated gallery. World of Final Fantasy comes out on PS4 and Vita on October 25th in North America, 27th in Japan, and 28th in Europe.