Peter Triezenberg
Square Enix Considering NX Port of Dragon Quest Builders
I guess the Wii U version of Minecraft must have really take off.
08.23.16 - 3:30 AM

Dragon Quest X and XI aren't the only Dragon Quest titles being considered for an NX version. According to series producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto, Square Enix is considering bringing Dragon Quest Builders to Nintendo's mysterious upcoming console. He noted that Nintendo and Dragon Quest have compatible audiences and that Dragon Quest Builders is a family title, and while an NX port hasn't been confirmed yet, it's an interesting possibility.

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Dragon Quest Builders came out earlier this year in Japan, and is slated for a Western release for PlayStation 4 and Vita this October. Robert Steinman wrote a preview of the game from E3 2016 if you'd like to know his thoughts.