Peter Triezenberg
Team Skull, New Alola Pokemon Revealed in New Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer
Alolan Raichu is officially the best thing.
08.12.16 - 4:59 PM

The Pokémon Company has released another trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon that reveals some brand-new Pokémon, along with new Alolan forms of pre-existing Pokémon and the new Team villains. The antagonists this time around are Team Skull, which appears to be headed by Rick from Rick and Morty... as long as they're less embargoing than Team Flare, we should be good.

Among the new Pokémon reveals are three new Alola region variants — Meowth, now a Dark-type, Raichu, who's Electric/Psychic, and Marowak, who as hinted at in previous announcements is now Ghost/Fire. I especially love Alolan Raichu, so watch the new trailer below and bask in its adorableness. I'll be getting one for myself when Pokémon Sun and Moon arrive for the Nintendo 3DS this November.