Peter Triezenberg
XSEED Launches Official Website for Trails of Cold Steel II
Needless to say, there will be SPOILERS.
08.04.16 - 8:02 PM

XSEED has launched an official website for the upcoming Western release of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II, which is coming to the PlayStation 3 and Vita on September 6th. A pleasant surprise is that XSEED also went and provided transcripts of the two Drama CDs entitled "Returning Home" and "The Remote Town of Alster", so if you've finished the first game and are interested in learning more before you dive into the sequel, there's a lot of new information available for your perusal. Check out an official plot synopsis for Trails of Cold Steel II below.

trails of cold steel ii official website xseed falcom

In the wake of the Noble Faction's occupation of Heimdallr, civil war has broken out across Erebonia. The provincial armies, loyal to the aristocracy and the Four Great Houses, have claimed many of the nationís great cities in the name of the Noble Alliance. The Imperial Army, called back from the four corners of the Empire, has only just begun sweeping its counterattack.

After Rean managed to escape Trista with Celine and Valimar, he awakens in the mountains near his hometown uncertain what fate befell his friends, who bravely threw themselves in harm's way to buy him time to flee.

Though the road will not be an easy one, Rean decides to take up his sword again, journeying across Erebonia with his Divine Knight, Valimar, in search of his friends from Class VII and a way to end the conflict before its price becomes far too dear...