Michael Sollosi
Retro Encounter 16: Xenogears ~ Final Thoughts
Chicks. Dig. Giant. Robots.
08.02.16 - 10:44 PM

Three RPGFan staff played Xenogears in early July and recorded a few hours of Xenogears podcasts in late July. Now it's August, and high time we publish their written conclusions to their Xenogears experiences.

We have a Xenogears newcomer in Alana, but this wasn't the first Xenogears for Caitlin or Robert. Three knowledgeable RPG fans each produced a Xenogears take hot off the presses for the Square cult classic, which is now old enough to vote in the 2016 American elections. Check out the links below to read their reactions, listen to the Xenogears podcast episodes, and chat about it on the RPGFan forums. And if you run out of budget halfway through, then pull up a chair and tell us all about it directly!