Peter Triezenberg
Exist Archive Coming Westward on October 18th
For PS4 and Vita. It's a miracle!
04.25.16 - 3:42 PM

Hey, remember Exist Archive? The side-scrolling Tri-Ace RPG drew a lot of attention from the RPGFan crew due to its more-than-passing similarity to the Valkyrie Profile series. Well, Aksys Games is bringing the game over to North America on October 18th, for both Playstation 4 and Vita. It will be available physically and digitally. According to Aksys, a European release will also happen "in one form or another," although they are still working out details.

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With Star Ocean 5 and a new Valkyrie game on the horizon (even if it is a mobile game), this is turning into a red-letter year for Tri-Ace fans. We'll keep you posted on any updates on Exist Archive as we draw nearer to its North American release.