Peter Triezenberg
Ray Gigant Launches in the West This May
More dungeon-crawling goodness for Vita.
04.14.16 - 3:58 AM

Dungeon crawler Ray Gigant will be making its way to the PlayStation Store in North America and Europe on May 3rd. This PlayStation Vita title was developed by Experience and is being published by Acttil.

The game takes place in an apocalyptic Earth that is under attack by monstrous creatures called the Gigants. They take the shape of various creatures of legend, only with their "celestial prominence" gone, leaving them in a tainted form. A boy from Tokyo named Ichiya Amakaze, however, is able to fight the monsters using a mysterious power called Yorigami. Ray Gigant combines dungeon crawling with visual novel storytelling, where the player guides a party of three through various dungeons and engage colossal enemies from multiple distances and perspectives, all while experiencing the story from the multiple points of view of Ichiya, Kyle, and Nil.

ray gigant ps vita western release

We'll keep you posted as we learn more about the impending western release of Ray Gigant. In the meantime, check out our freshly updated gallery for the game's first English screenshots.