Peter Triezenberg
Mega Man Legends 2 Coming to PSN April 5th
The series is complete...minus that third entry. Sorry, it's always too soon.
04.05.16 - 2:13 AM

The latest PlayStation Blogcast has confirmed that Mega Man Legends 2 will be released as a PS1 Classic this coming Tuesday, April 5th, playable on the PlayStation 3, PSP, and Vita. Now, you can experience the entire Mega Man Volnutt Saga from the comfort of your current-to-last gen Sony systems. Courtesy of the original box description, here is an official synopsis.

mega man legends 2 psn

Mega Man, Roll, and all your favorites are back in an entirely new 3D adventure! Far away, in an isolated wasteland, a mysterious girl and an infamous treasure have been discovered. Itís the legendary "Sealed Key," rumored to unlock an even greater mystery known as the Great Legacy. What power does the Great Legacy hold? Now, a race unfolds as Mega Man and his friends embark on a journey which will alter their destinies forever.

  • The legendary 3D adventure of Mega Man and his friends continues.

  • Mixes the best of classic Mega Man action-adventure, RPG, and puzzle gameplay.

  • Awesome weapons! Enormous bosses! Non-stop 3D action!

Originally released on the PlayStation One and Nintendo 64, the Mega Man Legends games were some of the earliest examples of fully-3D gaming, predating the legendary Ocarina of Time A 3rd entry was originally planned for the 3DS but cancelled, so while you're playing the originals on your device of choice, collectively weep for what could have been.