Brett Wooley
Production has Ceased for Final Fantasy Agito+ on PS Vita
Straight Outta Phoenix Downs.
09.18.15 - 3:51 AM

It was (finally) announced on Twitter that production for Final Fantasy Agito+ on PS Vita has stopped.

No official word on the cause of this, but Hajime Tabata (Director of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD) discussed development issues within Vita's technical environment last year; when the port was initially delayed.

Too soon, Ice Flan. Too soon.

This news comes nearly a week after the announcement of Final Fantasy Agito shutting down their mobile service on November 30th. Weeelp, guess you'll just have to play Final Fantasy: Record Keeper to keep you busy.

If you want to be there to comfort FF Agito in its final days, download it at the Google Play store.