Peter Triezenberg
First Details on Monster Hunter Stories
Become a Monster Rider, which is totally different from a Monster Hunter, we promise.
09.05.15 - 5:19 PM

We don't really tend to cover Monster Hunter here at RPGFan, for various reasons, but now there's an actual turn-based RPG in the series, so we have an excuse! Capcom has made an official website for Monster Hunter Stories, and we have some initial details below.

First up, some story and character artwork. Monster Hunter Stories takes place in Rider Village, where the hero has undergone a trial to become a Monster Rider, being rewarded with the legendary Kizuna Stone. But the outside world is changing, and an ancient legend regarding the Kizuna Stone may be the key to unraveling this mystery. The protagonist can be either a boy or girl, who desires to explore the world outside Rider Village.

monster hunter stories protagonist boy girl

Pictured below is Nabiru, the main character's Felyne partner, and Senpai Rider, who gives advice to the hero on becoming a Rider.

monster hunter stories 3ds felyne nabirumonster hunter stories senpai rider

There's also two characters, a boy and a girl, who are childhood friends of the hero. The girl is "bright and lively" and "full of vigor", while the boy is also an aspiring Rider.

monster hunter stories childhood friend girlmonster hunter stories childhood friend boy

The village elder who bestows the Kizuna Stone is apparently a "mischievous old man" who is a big fan of puns. Also pictured below are Felyne and Melynx, Lynian monsters capable of understanding human speech.

monster hunter stories village eldermonster hunter stories capcom cat monsters

monster hunter stories concept art 3ds rpg

Monster Hunter Stories is a turn-based RPG reminiscent of other monster-collecting games such as Pokémon, though with a Monster Hunter-esque twist on the proceedings. Friendly monsters called "Otomon" can form bonds with the Rider, but have a mind of their own and act at will. Because of this, it becomes necessary to learn the tells and behavioral habits of each monster (the Velociprey, for instance, prefers to use speed-type attacks). Riders have their own unique attacks based on their equipped weapon. Once a strong enough bond has been forged, the Rider can use special techniques in conjunction with their monster. While the hero does participate in battle, the primary focus is on the Otomon, which the player can have a number of in battle. You can also find Otomon Eggs in the wild and bring them back to the village to raise them. The type of monster hatched will depend on where you found the egg.

According to the game's developers in an interview published in Weekly Famitsu, the demand for an RPG-style game in the Monster Hunter series has been quite strong, and the game itself has been in development for about two years. They also shared what fans can expect from the story. Riders form bonds with monsters, while Hunters kill them, and this opposing nature will play a role in Monster Hunter Stories. It looks like it's shaping up to be a really interesting game—keep an eye on for when we find out more!