Peter Triezenberg
New Legend of Legacy Trailer Stars Liber, Garnet
Not to be confused with the princess from FFIX. Shh, spoilers!
08.30.15 - 12:04 AM

The second in a series of character trailers for The Legend of Legacy is here, and it shows the "treasure hunter" Liber (Locke would be proud) and templar knight Garnet. Like the other protagonists, both have come to the isle of Avalon for their own reasons- Liber is here to make a profit, while Garnet is here to stamp out blasphemous rumors about the gods walking the earth.

In other Legend of Legacy related news, Atlus recently held a Twitch stream where they showed off a hefty chunk of gameplay. You can watch both the new trailer and the completed livestream below.

The Legend of Legacy is coming to the Nintendo 3DS on October 13th in North America.