Brett Wooley
Have Some Delicious Project X Zone 2 Updates
Just like grandma used to make, without the buttermilk.
08.29.15 - 6:05 PM

Here's an August re-cap of what's new with the character all-star SRPG Project X Zone 2.

#1: Producer Koji Ishitani shared designs, and a little back story on the development of the "Dragonturtle Mk1" and its' pilot, Dr. Chizuru Urashima. The vehicle was designed by Naohiro Washio, an artist that has done mechanical design on Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar, and MOST importantly, Cat Planet Cuties (aaamirite?!). Dragonturtle Mk1 will serve as the mobile base for the player's characters.

#2: Producer Kensuke Tsukanaka announced new and returning characters!

#3: Tsukanaka also discussed the new "skill enhancement" and "skill acquisition" options for characters. You can strengthen normal or special attacks with "Customization Points" that are earned by defeating enemies. CP can also be used to enhance skills in the Customization menu. There will also be equipable “Auto Skills” that provide a variety of effects between paired and solo units. Example: Ciel & Nana's skill "Oden Bread" recovers 30% HP, if it's below 30% at the start of the turn.

#4: In the intermission between stages, and depending on the current progression, you can access shops. Interestingly enough, the shop keepers are throwback characters! Shirufi from "Lost World" (a side-scrolling shooter from Capcom in 1988) will be an arms merchant. Miyuki from "Ordyne" (a side-scrolling shooter from Namco in 1988 ... a pattern, I see) will have an item shop aboard the Dragonturtle Mk1.

#5: There will be a "Special Selection Soundtrack CD" available for sale, which contains 33 songs arranged for the game, and a total run time of 74 minutes. You can even get some in-game bonuses from buying the OST. Such as: a new challenge stage, a special 3DS theme, and even a hot mug! (I would have said cool mug, but that's not applicable to its' use.)

Project X Zone 2 will be out in Japan on November 12. The English release should be out in Q1 2016. If you haven't seen the latest trailer, check it out below!