Project X Zone 2
E3 2015 Hands-On Preview
Andrew Barker Andrew Barker


Bandai Namco Entertainment

Banpresto, Monolith Soft

Strategy RPG


US 2015

Screen Shot
Each map is on a turn-based grid, but combat is like a fighting game.
"Repetition is the biggest issue with Project X Zone 2, and very little feels unique when using different characters."

I didn't know much about Project X Zone before spending some time playing it at E3 this year. The demo Bandai Namco had available was fairly limited in scope, but it did give a solid overview of the mix of turn-based strategy and fighting-style combat system. If you're not aware, Project X Zone 2 brings together a big range of characters from different series such as Megaman, Street Fighter, Tales of, and many more. Seeing these characters fight together is definitely one of the game's big selling points, but underneath that is an interesting, albeit repetitive, combat system.

As you may expect, each map is grid based and you take turns to move or attack with characters. Characters have a different maximum range of movement, and most need to be quite close to an opponent to begin attacking. If another character is also nearby, the two will team up and engage the enemy together. As a result, you can enjoy some great cross-over combinations such as Yuri and Ryu or Phoenix Wright and Megaman. Each character has a selection of different moves, though since they all have the same combination of buttons to press, they all feel pretty similar. When the enemy takes their turn, you can expend SP in order to defend or counterattack. This provides a greater layer of depth and gives you something to do rather than just sit and wait.

Repetition is the biggest issue with Project X Zone 2, and very little feels unique when using different characters. A couple of enemies I encountered had monstrously large amounts of health without actually being particularly difficult. As a result, the battle felt more stretched out than it needed to be. Still, a single battle was fun to play, but it appears to be a game that will appeal to players looking to take one battle at a time.

I didn't have a chance to experience any of the story, and the dialogue I saw was extremely limited, so it's hard to give any proper impressions on it just yet. Check back with us though, as we'll keep you updated on any new developments we learn of.

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