Peter Triezenberg
Summon Night 6 Coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita
Wasn't expecting this one!
08.20.15 - 4:33 PM

In the latest issue of V-Jump magazine, Bandai Namco revealed that Summon Night 6: Lost Borders, which will serve as the series' 15th anniversary title, is coming to the PS4 and Vita in Japan. Like the other mainline Summon Night titles, this game will be a SRPG "set in the expansive and height-variegated fields that the Summon Night series has become known for." Below, you can read a plot synopsis and see the first scans.

One day, something like a meteor crashes into the cocoon world, near where a boy named Raj lives. Raj runs over to investigate and finds a mysterious being who was summoned from a different world called Lyndbaum... At the same time, Amu, who lives far away from there, also meets a mysterious person summoned from Lyndbaum. Each with their own goals, Raj and Amu, together with the people of the other world, go on a journey and head for the wall surrounding the cocoon world.

summon night 6 lost borders ps4 vita bandai namco

Summon Night 6: Lost Borders will be released next spring in Japan. In the meantime, Gaijinworks is currently in the process of bringing Summon Night 5 for the PSP to the US later this year.