Peter Triezenberg
Persona 5 Still On Track For 2015
Fingers crossed!
08.17.15 - 11:38 PM

While Atlus certainly hasn't been slacking off as of late, with Odin Sphere: Leifdthrasir and The Legend of Legacy being announcement highlights, there has been a suspicious lack of information regarding Persona 5, which is ostensibly on track for a 2015 release. In an interview with God is a Geek, Atlus USA's very own John Hardin released a statement regarding Persona 5's release date and some rumors that Square Enix would serve as the game's publisher (due to some listings that had been circulating).

"That's just completely wrong. A lot of people assume that this is correct because they published something back in what, 2008? It just isn't true. I'm working on getting those incorrect listing removed. We are trying to get publishers locked in for our titles in EU and will announce things when they are locked in. We don't want another Shin Megami Tensei IV or Devil Survivor Overclocked situation. We are very aware of what happens when we make premature announcements for Europe. At least I am. The only thing I can confirm for Persona 5 is 2015."

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So, there you have it. It looks as though Atlus is determined to still release Persona 5 this year. Hopefully we hear something else from them soon regarding the matter!