Peter Triezenberg
World of Final Fantasy "Inspired" by Older Final Fantasy Games
The game's developer talks about the battle system and more.
06.27.15 - 10:31 PM

Remember that iconic image of Terra riding a suit of Magitek armor from Final Fantasy VI? According to director Hiroki Chiba, that's how one of the ideas for World of Final Fantasy came to be.

"There was a drawing that had a Magitek Armor with characters on it, and Izumisawa (the artist for Crystal Chronicles) drew other characters on top of the heads of those characters, and that's how it started," Chiba says. "After looking at that, we came up with it after thinking ‘how about we just make this into a system?'" This in reference to characters ability to stack on top of each other in battles. Chiba also says that they're "using the Super Famicom era's ATB as the base," with the ideas of the tower system and collectible monsters making the battles of World of Final Fantasy quite tactical.

world of final fantasy atb stacking battle system

Your party in World of Final Fantasy will feature two human characters, the sibling protagonists, along with up to four monsters. They won't always have to be stacked, but forming towers by stacking characters on top of each other also combines their powers (I feel like there's a Captain Planet reference in there somewhere...), giving them more HP and access to more powerful abilities. "The protagonist Ren and Ran, can stack two monsters, and they’ll add HP according to the amount the stack, and if they all know Fire then they'll be able to use Firaga."

The trailer from E3 showed the Warrior of Light and Cloud in-game, but Chiba stressed that World of Final Fantasy is an all-new world, not a parallel one to existing Final Fantasy games, a la Dissidia. Said world is "Grimoire," which is inhabited by chibi-fied Final Fantasy characters. In terms of how linear the game will be, Chiba says that the goal is to replicate something similar to the pre-Final Fantasy X era of the series. When it comes to the amount of collectible monsters in the game, Chiba says that there will be "as many as possible," jokingly saying that he hopes for at least as many as the first Dragon Quest Monsters.

world of final fantasy monsters battle system

world of final fantasy monsters battle system world of final fantasy monsters battle system

Also, somebody page the music team- Masashi Hamauzu is composing music for World of Final Fantasy! He did the music in the recent trailer, at least, and is working on both new songs and arrangements of older ones for the game. Chiba teased us by asking if we'd "like to hear 'Battle on the Big Bridge' when Gilgamesh shows up," which I can only guess as to Stephen's thoughts on that (YEEEEEEESSSSSSS would probably sum them up).

World of Final Fantasy is coming to the PlayStation 4 and Vita sometime next year.