Peter Triezenberg
Kingdom Hearts III Will Have More New Worlds, Release Window Decided Internally
Tell us what it is! Come on, don't keep me in suspense!
06.24.15 - 3:14 AM

Kingdom Hearts III will feature a world based on Tangled, as we discovered at this past E3, and Tetsuya Nomura let slip a few more details concerning the highly anticipated action-RPG. First of all, other than Olympus, most of the worlds in Kingdom Hearts III will be entirely new. It was also reaffirmed that, while the series will continue past Kingdom Hearts III, the game will serve as the ending to the current storyline, or "Dark Seeker" saga.

kingdom hearts iii dark seeker saga multiple new worlds

The game's combat system will be more akin to the first two games in the series, eschewing the deck commands of Birth by Sleep and other more recent entries. Sora's mobility will be greatly enhanced, with things like wall running and jumping being extensions of Sora's existing moveset (sounds like an evolution of the Flowmotion in Dream, Drop, Distance, but implemented a little better).

Most excitedly for fans, it seems as though Square Enix has internally decided on a release window for Kingdom Hearts III. Could the end of the long wait be in sight? Development is apparently on track, with secret movies and other elements being considered, so time will tell.