Peter Triezenberg
Tales of Berseria Debut Trailer Surfaces
Pirates in my Tales game? Your move, Ninjas.
06.24.15 - 3:04 AM

With Tales of Zestiria around the corner for Western audiences, Bandai Namco is turning its gaze towards the next installment in the Tales franchise. Tales of Berseria will feature the series' first solo female protagonist, Velvet (Milla doesn't count because she was sharing the spotlight with Jude, I guess), and appears to be pirate-themed, and now a few new screenshots and a debut trailer are up for your viewing pleasure. Take a look!

tales of berseria velvet main character

tales of berseria ship

tales of berseria screenshot

tales of berseria island screenshot

Tales of Berseria will be coming out on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 in Japan.