Peter Triezenberg
E3 2015: New NieR Project has Three Playable Characters
Yoko Taro is back, ladies and gentlemen.
06.20.15 - 8:25 PM

In an E3 interview with Gamespot, Yoko Taro confirmed that the upcoming NieR project would feature three different playable characters. Two of these we've already seen—the girl and small boy standing atop a building—with the third having yet to be revealed.

nier ps4 three playable characters

Taro also spoke about the partnership with Platinum Games, who are developing the new title. "Platinum is great at creating action games, and we've asked them to make things a little more simplified, slightly. At first I thought it was going to be a battle-heavy action game, but luckily for us, a lot of Platinum Games' staff members really respect NieR and took it to heart, and understand the project. We’re really fortunate in that they essentially took the battle system and the game design of the original NieR and added Platinum Games-type elements on top of it to make this hybrid if you will."

Taro seemed keen to reassure fans that the new NieR project will retain the developer's penchant for dark, mature themes, with the goal being to make a "great, high-level JRPG." During the development of the original NieR, there was a lot of effort to make the game appeal to Western audiences, with the result being the different protagonist designs of NieR Replicant and NieR Gestalt. Taro believes that the time for treating the markets so differently has passed.

Stay tuned to for any and all news related to the new NieR project.