Peter Triezenberg
Debut Trailer and Japanese Preorder Campaign for Super Robot Wars BX
There is a serious lack of Pacific Rim in this series. Maybe next time? Please?
06.05.15 - 10:11 PM

The newest entry in the Super Robot Wars series now has a debut trailer. As with previous entries, Super Robot Wars BX is a strategy-RPG featuring numerous characters/robots from mecha-themed anime, including Mobile Suit Gundam, Macross, and others. So by that logic, I suppose that the inclusion of Pacific Rim is a little too much to hope for... but come on, they could do it... but anyways! Here's that debut trailer.

super robot wars bx gundam super robot wars bx panzer

Depending on how many pre-orders the game can accumulate, a "Morale Gauge" on the Japanese website will fill up, adding further pre-order incentives organized by "tiers." The bonuses added include:

  • 100 Morale Lv. 1: Nintendo 3DS theme

  • 120 Morale Lv. 2: Campaign Map

  • 140 Morale Lv. 3: Skill Item

  • 150 Morale Lv. 4: Tsume Supa

  • 170 Morale Lv. 5: ? ? ?

Super Robot Wars BX will be out in Japan on August 20th for Nintendo 3DS.