Peter Triezenberg
PoPoLoCrois Farm Story Gets New Trailer, Screenshots
Farm by day, slay monsters by night? Well, sort of. It's a bit more complicated.
06.02.15 - 2:23 AM

Prince Pietro's efforts to save the land from Dark Beasts in PoPoLoCrois Farm Story will be coming to Nintendo 3DS in Japan on June 18th, and there's been quite a bit of new information leading up to its release. First off, there's a new trailer, which you can view below.

We also know a bit more about how combat works in this game. It takes place on a grid, wherein different commands can be issued and have different ranges on said grid. Each character has their own set of Special Skills that they can utilize in battle as well. Prince Pietro is a helpful lad, so of course there are a number of sidequests in which the player can offer assistance to people.

popolocrois farm story battle system

There's no word on a localization of PoPoLoCrois Farm Story at this time. Still, be sure to check out our freshly updated gallery and hope for the best!