Peter Triezenberg
A Brief Look at New Features in Trails in the Sky FC Evolution
The Vita version of Trails has some neat enhancements.
06.01.15 - 3:48 AM

If you've been following RPGFan for any length of time, you'll know that a lot of us are pretty huge fans of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. In fact, our Retro Encounter series of podcasts is currently wrapping up our discussion on the game. It's getting a high-definition Vita version with new features in Japan, so it seems fitting that we should talk about those in greater detail.

trails in the sky fc evolution illustration

Above, you can see one of the new full-color illustrations that will be featured in Trails in the Sky FC Evolution. Key moments in the story will be highlighted by such scenes. There will also be brand new voice acting added to the game, which should make my fellow editor Josh Curry happy!

trails in the sky fc evolution battle screenshot estelle trails in the sky fc evolution battle joshua menu

Battles are being enhanced with the addition of Field Attacks (enabling the player to get an advantage or disadvantage by striking an enemy before entering combat), new status ailments, and changes to Crafts that cause them to affect the party's parameters (a skill that enemies can also take advantage of). A fast forwarding option is being added to combat (thank Aidos!), new character portraits and flashy animations enhance S-craft skills, and the UI is being overhauled. One downside is that escaping battle is no longer 100% guaranteed- it's now determined by a visible percentage- but still, that seems a small price to pay for so many other enhancements.

Also, swimsuits:

trails in the sky fc swimsuit

Japanese retailers have begun stocking their own exclusive posters and other items with artwork from Trails in the Sky FC Evolution. The above is from a desk mat sold by Animate, but there are others available as well. The game will release for PlayStation Vita on June 11th in Japan.